Traffic Control System

The NYCDOT Traffic Management Center (TMC) operators are responsible for operating the citywide TMC. They interact with the traffic control system (TCS) and provide operator data and command inputs to the system operations. Status on field equipment such as wired and wireless communication networks and traffic signal controller (ASTC) upgrades will be communicated with other NYC CV system users.

The TMC operators will also communicate with the RSUs in the NYC CVPD to monitor and manage traffic flow and roadway conditions. For minor traffic accidents and work zone activities, they will work with the City's traffic surveillance system, traffic information system, work zone management system to monitor traffic in and around the areas of influence. In the event of major disasters, they will coordinate incident management activities and exchange information with the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and NYCDOT Office of Emergency Response (OER).

  • The back office facilities will provide for the following management functions:
  • Management of security credentials (SCMS) utilization
  • Managing roadside equipment performance (failure identification, repair, maintenance)
  • Managing roadside equipment radio frequency (RF) footprints
  • Managing CV application configuration
  • External data distribution (USDOT)
  • Data collection from RSE/ASD
  • Data aggregation, data normalization, and system performance assessment