Speed Compliance in Work Zone

This application will provide over speed warnings for work or school zones that are either statically or dynamically located. If there is a static work zone, then it is essentially a speed zone and operates as described above. However, certain types of construction activities also may be moving work zones such as pothole repairs, striping, or even snow plowing under certain situations. This application is similar to the Speed Compliance application described above; however, regulatory speed limit information may be distributed by the infrastructure’s RSE using the MAP, TIM, or another DSRC message.

In the case of a moving work zone, an RSE would be installed on the barrier truck (or other vehicle which marks one end of the work zone) and it would provide the speed zone warning and identify the geographic limit of the work zone. Depending on the size of the work zone, a second RSE may need to be installed on another vehicle (e.g., lead vehicle) to mark the other end of the work zone. This would require that the RSE have a license for DSRC that is approved to travel within the geographic area of the City.

This is a simplified version of the CVRIA work zone application because it only provides information to the approaching vehicles and does not attempt to track the approaching vehicles or warn the construction workers of errant vehicles which might pose a threat to the workers.