Emergency Communications and Evacuation Information

This application will use the information from NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and from NYCDOT Office of Emergency Response (OER) and transmit them to the vehicles. The information may include location-specific directions for evacuation, location restrictions for entry, global emergency information, and route-specific information.

Currently, the OEM provides emergency-related information through an incident-based distribution program. For the EVACINFO application, the TMC will receive this information feed which will then be provided to the OER for coordinating emergency response management activities and distribution through traveler information displayed on dynamic message signs. Also, the OER will send the information on its response plans and actions to the TMC which will communicate the information feed to the ASD-equipped vehicles. When incidents occur, emergency response information such as evacuation orders, routing information, and areas to avoid can be transmitted to the vehicles through the RSEs by evacuation zones.

The messages will be reviewed at the TMC before being sent to the RSEs and broadcasted to the ASDs. In the event that the vehicle is within the area of influence, the messages may be alerted to the drivers in the form of spoken warning. The details will be determined during the design phase.