Data Collection

This support application will process the event record data collected by the ASD and collected by the Event Data Upload application. After the RSU at the fleet terminal sends the event log data to a temporary server in the NYCDOT Traffic Management Center back office CV data center, the data will be processed for analyzing the safety benefits of the NYC CVPD. Then, the data will undergo extensive post-processing and normalization (i.e., cleansing) before being transmitted to the USDOT for additional evaluation.

The private data from ASD event logs will be collected and stored in the TMC back office CV data processing center. As it is aggregated, the types of event counts will be incremented by time-of-day, location, and event type into collection bins. Any traceable and private information will be discarded. Once all errors are addressed and checked, the raw data will be purged. The additional scenario below describes how the event data is recorded, processed, and transmitted from the NYCDOT Traffic Management Center to USDOT.