Advanced Traffic Controller

New York City Advanced Transportation Controller was designed from the ground up to be the definitive solution when it comes to advanced features, standards compliance, ease-of-integration, and intelligent ergonomics. Our Advanced Solid-State Traffic Controller is a critical element for the operation of the pilot system. The controllers will be provisioned with CV capabilities to be able to exchange DSRC messages (i.e. SPaT, MAP, SRM, SSM) with the NYC CVPD system. They will be monitored and controlled by Traffic Control System which also will communicate with the RSUs and monitor their operational status.

The ASTC controller is able to adapt to the variety of communication media and protocols. (Fiber, coaxial, twist pairs and wireless) in order to support federal NTCIP standards.  And it is  fully supports the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) TS2 functionality and is compliant with NTCIP 1201 (Global Object Definitions) and 1202 (Object Definitions for Actuated Traffic Controllers), as a result, it will provide for interoperability and interchangeability.